Want to add a word, phrase or translation? The basis is, simplified and non-exhaustive, the free movement of goods (Part Three, Title II TFEU), customs and administrative cooperation (Part Three, Title II, Chapter 2 TFEU and Part Three, Title XXIV TFEU), the adoption of a common position abroad (Part Five TFEU, in particular Title II). Search results: 21. Correct: 21. Response time: 72ms. Remember that the vocabulary list is only stored in your browser. After exporting to the lexical trainer, it is available on all devices. Finally, as regards the common position vis-à-vis the outside world, it is clear from the draft agreement that the United Kingdom can continue to benefit from the international agreements concluded by the EU and the common commercial policy during the transition period, while respecting the EU`s exclusive competence in this area (Articles 123 to 124 of the draft Withdrawal Agreement). The latter, once ratified, will open the transition period. Article 121 of the draft provides for a range of almost two years, without prejudice to the WITHDRAWAL of the United Kingdom from the EU on 30 March 2019.

This is a “deadline” requested by the UK and granted by the EU and ending on 31 December 2020. . For example, a Polish company founded on the 27th. December 2020 a truck with goods, DAP London, shipped, the start of shipping with cmr and the status of EU goods with a T2L. The Polish company, if it is not an authorized issuer, must contact a carrier for the issuance of the document and bear the administrative costs. In particular, as regards trade, customs procedures “in progress” and goods in temporary storage, Article 43 of the draft contains the following general principle: the legislation applicable to an operation at the time of its commencement remains valid until its completion. The burden of proof of the start of a shipment and the status of the goods at that time lies with the person carrying out the operation. Proof of the EU status of goods cannot be based on the presumption provided for in Article 153 of Regulation EU 952/2013, but must be based on the presumption provided for in Article 199 of Regulation EU 2447/2015. Frequent short expressions: 1-400, 401-800, 801-1200, Other continuities in customs and administrative cooperation is reflected in Articles 93 et seq.

of the draft agreement. Mutual assistance between the United Kingdom and the United Kingdom not only during the transition period, but also during the 3 years following 31 December 2020. The areas of cooperation are listed in Annex y+2 of the project and range from indirect taxes (EU Regulation 904/2010 or EU Regulation 389/2012 on VAT and special taxes) to the collection of customs duties (Directive 2010/24/EU) and export control (Article 19 of Regulation (EC Regulation 428/2009). The Withdrawal Agreement provides a basis for negotiating procedural rules and issues that will still be open the day the UK is no longer part of the “US of Europe”, many issues given the division and harmonisation in the EU-UK “marriage”, which has lasted more than forty years. The free PONS online dictionary is also available for iOS and Android! If the UK and the EU sign a free trade agreement, for example on the Swiss model, the reduction of import duties in their respective customs territories should be based on sufficient treatment provided for in the eventual agreement, and perhaps cumulation with British goods could be applicable again. .