Meanwhile, disagreement is interpreted as an opposition. It is the opposite of consent, you can object to the statements or opinions of your loved ones because they have different views, oppose an agreement, oppose cooperation and oppose other conditions. Opposition tends to have negative connotations because you or a third party disagrees with what has been established. Agreement and disagrement is an English expression used to disagree on an issue and how we react to a person`s statement. In English, there are several options or phrases that can be used to express agreed or not. Here are some expressions (expressions) match and do not agree that you can use. As this is a condition that you can experience every day, here are the phrases of the agreement used in English: To react, we can use agreement and disagreements (accept and contradict). To quote the agreement, the frequently used words are “I agree with… “Yes, I agree,” “It`s a good idea,” “I think too” and others. Well, it is an example of phrases – phrases that can express consent and disapproval in English, or be called expressions of concordance and disagreement.

Once you`ve read the examples, it`s time to use them in everyday conversations while improving your knowledge of English. If you want to learn English, we immediately join the English Café Bali. English Café Bali is an English course in Bali located at Jalan Gunung Soputan 1 No.16A Denpasar or you can contact us at (0361) 481910. Adj. – Adjective / Adjektiv v. – verb / verb – noun / advrb noun. Adv / Description As for disagreements, we can use “I don`t agree with… “I don`t think so,” and others. The use of these two objects (Nobiss) can be used in everyday conversations.