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Well designed paper towels.

Posted by on 30 Dec 2010 | Tagged as: Design, product eval

Why are these good?
Because they’re designed with respect to their surroundings.  The packaging takes into account their usage location, namely, the bathroom.  The box is designed to fit upside down on a towel bar and dispense from there.
Now, say what you will about disposable culture and the usage of paper products as compared to cloth towels, but the box design of this product is pretty damn neat.

Paper towel holder

Posted by on 18 Dec 2010 | Tagged as: Bathroom, Design, product eval

I have mixed feelings about paper towels laid out like this.  They don’t suffer from the over packed dispenser problem.  Nor do they require special equipment for restocking (e.g. specially rolled paper, prepackaged packs of paper towels).  On the other hand, they do tend to get messed up rather easily, and water can get on multiple paper towels, making more of a mess.
But, on the whole, they’re less of a headache for the customer, which is a good thing.

What’s good about this spatula?

Posted by on 11 Dec 2010 | Tagged as: Design, Kitchen Utensils, product eval

The benefit of this spatula that stood out to me was the nub on the back.  It’s not a hand guard, but rather a resting spot for the spatula when it’s not being used.
Example below, as stolen from YuppieChef.  (Yes, that is a spoon.  But the same design was applied to the spatula as well.)
Spatulas in and of themselves have evolved quite a bit, and I like this little bit of outside the pot thinking.  I’m usually wondering where to put my utensils when I’m not using them.  This answer is elegant without a lot of extra doohickeys to make it work.  Doohickey is a technical term.

Airblade hand dryer

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