This is the inaugural post of this blog. Now, whether or not Sid Meier actually said the quote, or some derivation of it is moot. This blog is about gameplay and games, however you want to define them.

Postings linking to interesting games and useful articles will appear here, but this is also a space for a project that YJ and I will be doing.

Games can be defined by being comprised of 4 parts: gameplay, art, story, and technology. On a weekly basis, YJ will create art for me. I have no idea what the pieces will look like, but my task will be to come up with rules and make a game that revolves around a theme defined by the pieces or something taken from Jesse Schell’s Deck of Lenses. If the game is served by a story, then we’ll come up with one. Mercifully, these being analog games, the technology side will probably amount to a printer and scissors.